Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC)

IEC will review and approve all types of research proposals involving humanparticipants with a view to safeguard the dignity, rights, safety and well being of all actual and potential research participants. The goals of research, however important,should never be permitted to override the health and well being of the research subjects.

The IEC will take care that all the cardinal principles of research ethics viz. Autonomy, Beneficence, Non – malfeasance and Justice are taken care of in planning, conduct and reporting of the proposed research. For this purpose, it will look into the aspects of informed consent process, risk benefit ratio, distribution of burden and benefit and provisions for appropriate compensations wherever required. It will review the proposals before start of the study as well as monitor the research throughout the study until and after completion of the study through appropriate well documented procedures for example annual reports, final reports and site visits etc. The committee will also examine compliance with all regulatory requirements, applicable guidelines and laws.

The mandate of the IECs will be to review all research projects involving humansubjects to be conducted at the Institute, irrespective of the funding agency. The roleof IEC can be modified according to the requirement of each Institute.

Dr. C. Ravindran
Retd Principal
Govt Medical College, Calicut

Member Secretary
Dr. Cherian                                                                        
Professor, Dept. of Paediatrics
KMCT Medical College
Phone No: 9847108965

Member (Pharmacologist)
Dr. Shaikh Ubedulla Shaikh Iqbal Daud                   

Professor, Dept, of Pharmacology
KMCT Medical College

Member (Clinician)
Dr. Reeta James                                

Associate Professor, Dept. of General Medicine
KMCT Medical College

Member (Clinician)
Dr. Mohandas P.G.                                    

Professor, Dept. of General Surgery
KMCT Medical College

Member (Pharmaceutical Scientist)
Dr. Shamnas M                                          

Prof & HOD, Dept. of Pharmacy Practice
National College of Pharmacy

Member (Basic Medical Scientist)
Dr. Annie John                                    

Prof & HOD, Dept. of Community Medicine
KMCT Medical College

Member (Legal Expert)
Mr. D.V. Narayanan                              

Legal Expert
Phone No:9447776977

Smt. Latha                         

(Social Worker)
Phone No:9349425399

Mr. Raman E.                                 

Representative from
Community Mukkom

Member (Theologian/Philosopher)
Sri. Manohar Namboodiri                           

Priest Manassery Temple
Manassery (P.O.) Mukkam

Personal Contact