Medical Education Unit (MEU)

The Medical Education Unit (MEU) was started to polish the skills of medical faculty in the art of teaching. The focus is not only on teaching but also on developing the complex roles of being mentors, assessors, curriculum designers, facilitators and role models.

In order to support clinicians in their teaching skills, a dedicated and enthusiastic group of faculty members at the MEU has been conducting faculty development activities since the last two decades.

The Unit conducts Basic Workshops in Medical Education Technology twice a year, while workshops in specialized areas are conducted around the year. The basic course workshops are recognized by the Medical Council of India and conducted in the presence of observers from the Regional Centre. These workshops use a unique blend of innovative learning strategies and games in a lively environment, where the seniors share their experiences with the newbies. In the last two years, the MEU has organized workshops on Mentoring, Curriculum Planning and MCQ construction for the faculty. The evaluation conducted at the end of these workshops show that the immediate response to these workshops has been very positive. The faculties are encouraged to unleash their creativity in their teaching and be more interactive in their manner.

The Constitution of the Committee


Dr Lathi Nair, Principal, KMCT Medical College.


Dr Divya G Krishnan, Associate Professor, Pharmacology


Dr Fasna KA, Associate Professor, Physiology


  1. Dr. VK Chellamma- Professor & HOD, OBG & Gynecology
  2. Dr. KS Krishnakumari- Professor & HOD, Anatomy
  3. Dr. Ramesh PK – Professor, Surgery
  4. Dr. Shaikh Ubedulla Shaikh Iqbal Daud- Professor, Pharmacology
  5. Dr. Rosh P- Associate Professor General Medicine
  6. Dr. Bindu Mohandas – Associate Professor, Community Medicine
  7. Dr. Veny John – Assistant Professor, Paediatrics
  8. Dr. Nisreen AR – Assistant Professor, Forensic Medicine

Supportive Staff

  1. Office Assistant – Mrs Reshma
  2. Computer Operator – Mr Jerry
  3. Audiovisual Technician – Mr Sreeresh, Mr Bijeesh

Personal Contact

0495 2295087