The Department of Biochemistry began its academic journey on a humble note in the year 2008 and since then has emerged as one of the largest and premier undergraduate departments of the institute.

The department caters to the needs of the 150 MBBS students and 100 BDS students by imparting theoretical, practical skills to the students and providing quality, efficient and reliable laboratory service to the patients.

The department is equipped with more than adequate infrastructure. The academic and research activities are done in the Biochemistry Department situated at the third floor in College premises and also at the Clinical Biochemistry laboratory housed in the hospital premises.

The students’ laboratory (main) is endowed with facilities that cater to the needs of the UG students in Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing. Practical sessions are held during the afternoons on weekdays. These sessions are preceded by demonstration, wherein they are sensitized to the experiments being performed in the presence of skilled faculties. The laboratory is backed by able and efficient technical and auxiliary personnel.

Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory
The Clinical Biochemistry located in the hospital block boasts of state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation. The types of equipment/instruments include all the latest fully automated analyzers.


  • To prepare need-based and state-of-the-art curricula so as to help enhance the objectivity of the academic performance.
  • To develop and promulgate teaching programs in basic, clinical and practical Biochemistry, keeping in view the rapidly changing global scenario, with reference to basic medical sciences in general, and Biochemistry in particular.
  • To encourage problem-based learning (PBL) among UG students, especially in the light of case-oriented approach – in the realms of Clinical Biochemistry.
  • To provide quality, efficient and reliable laboratory results in the augmentation clinical services.
  • To strictly adhere to internal and external quality control, with reference to the patient-oriented service activities: sample collection & processing results and documentation.
  • To keep updating the available existing knowledge in the realms of instrumentation, methodology and mode of functioning of the clerical biochemistry laboratory.


  • Plan and conduct lectures, practical demonstration, tutorial classes, and small group discussions on various biochemical topics for undergraduate students of the medical and allied discipline.
  • Develop skill as a self-directed learner, recognize continuing educational needs, select and use appropriate learning resources
  • Make use of conventional techniques/instruments to perform biochemical analysis relevant to clinical screening and diagnosis.
  • Organize a laboratory set up to deliver optimum investigation support for patient care services.
  • Perform biochemical laboratory investigations and experiments relevant to research
  • Critically review and comment on research papers and make oral presentations
  • Prepare research protocols, conduct experimental studies, analyze and solve clinical problems

  • The department has two demonstration rooms with a seating capacity of 75 students each fitted with strip chairs, overhead projector, television etc.
  • Practical Laboratory: The department has a well equipped practical laboratory with two ante-rooms to accommodate 90 students.
  • Departmental library cum seminar room with 130 books
  • State of the art Research Lab


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