The Department of Pharmacology is involved in teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

“There is no substance in the universe that cannot be used as drug for a condition if used rationally and with a definite objective”


To train postgraduates to become good pharmacologists.
To establish the department and to conduct high-tech research

Key Features

  • Two Demonstration rooms each with a seating capacity of 75 students each
  • They are fitted with strip chairs, overhead projector, television etc.

Practical Laboratory:

  1. Experimental Pharmacology lab with preparation room to accommodate 60 students.
  2. Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacy lab with one anteroom to accommodate 60 students.
  • Museum (125sq.m area) for specimens, models, charts with sitting capacity of 30 students
  • Departmental library cum seminar room with 157 books
  • Research Lab with all types of equipment


Asso. Professor

Associate Professor

Asst. Professor

Assistant Professor