Dr N K Muhammed Basheer


MBBS 1980, MD 1992

Years of experience : 23 years & 9 months

Date of joining : 01/07/2021

Council Registration Number : 11477

Council Name : TCMC


  • Mohammed Basheer, A Anil Babu,T Abdu Rahman .Treatment for Hair Fall and Premature Hair Greying by poly herbal Formulation. International Journal of Medical and Health Resaerch Volume 3,Issue 9,September 2017. Page No:40-43
  • Uthara S.S,Mohammed Basheer,Anil Babu A . A  review on cost effective analysis of Antiepileptic drugs. International Journal of Bioassays.6,9(2017)pp.5507-5512
  • Shins,Mohammed Basheer,AnilBabu A. Social determinants of Cardiovascular disease and community based surveilalance. Public Health Review ,International Journal of Public Health Research .Res 2017,4(4):71-74
  • Amina Beevi, Mohammed Basheer, Anil Babu A. Nutritional Demand in Juvenile Asthmatics, A Procession. International Journal of Contemporary Medical Research Volume 4, issue8,August 2017,1750-1754

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