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Department of Community Medicine conducted Tribal Health Camp at Kodenchery on 06/05/2022

Department of Community Medicine in association with CHC Kodenchery conducted a Tribal Health Camp at Ambedkar Smarakamandiram and Vendakkumpoyil Vayanasala, Chembukadavu, Kodenchery.  Dr. Rupesh Raman, Assistant Professor, Dept of Community Medicine made the necessary arrangements and supervision for the camp. Dr.Deepa K R and Dr. Ahana Salam, PG Residents from the department of Community Medicine conducted the camp and Dr. Mekha Grace Anil, intern posted in Department of Community Medicine also participated. Initially the team met Dr. Abdurahiman (Medical officer, CHC Kodenchery) , he gave proper directions about remote camp areas.  Pharmacist, 2 JPHN from CHC Kodenchery and Mrs. Surya, Hamlet ASHA also joined the team. Mrs Surya gave a brief description about their tribal community and added that  they mainly belongs to Paniya groups.


  1. Health Camp at Ambedkar Smaraka Mandiram, Chembukadavu

The team reached Ambedkar Smaraka Mandiram at 10.00 a.m. and started Health Check up camp at 10.30 a.m. Total 15 tribal people participated, including 3 children, and 3 adolescent girls. Medicines were also provided to the beneficiaries. Programme ended at 11.30 a.m and the team moved to next centre.


  1. Health Education and Health Check-up at Vendakkumpoyil Vayanasala, Chembukadavu

The team reached Vendakkumpoyil Vayanasala around 11.30 AM. Around 30 tribes including children and antental were present there. Dr. Deepa K R delivered Health awareness class on “Lifestyle diseases and its prevention”.  After the class a doubt clearing session was also there. Then “Health check-up” for participants started and most of the tribal adolescent girls were detected of having anemia. Medicines including iron and folic acids were also given. Camp winded up around 1.PM.